2015 mentors

Executive Team

joanne jang

Joanne Jang – Exec Lead

Joanne is a senior from Pasadena, CA, simultaneously pursuing a bachelor’s in Mathematical & Computational Science and a master’s in Computer Science. When she’s not doing problem sets at Stanford, she enjoys teaching section for the CS 106 (introductory CS) sequence and doing exploratory data analyses on random datasets. A few of her favorite things (besides raindrops on roses and cream-colored ponies) are iced lattes, driving on freeways at night, and Emma’s baked goods.

serena wong

Serena Wong – Finance Team Lead

Serena is a junior from Orange County, California, studying Computer Science. You can find her playing pool/boardgames, going to concerts, or chilling with her latest TV show.

maggie engler

Maggie Engler – People Team Lead

Maggie is a senior from McLean, VA studying Electrical Engineering with a concentration in signal processing and a minor in Mathematical & Computational Science. She also works at the Women's Community Center and tutors at the Hume Center. She loves volleyball, water-skiing, country music, and anything chocolate.

emma daugherty

Emma Daugherty – Events Team Lead

Emma is a senior from Lexington, Kentucky. She is majoring in Linguistics and minoring in International Relations. She is interested in the applications of computer based learning in second language acquisition. In her free time, she enjoys going to Starbucks, drinking bubble tea, and baking treats for her friends.

ellen wang

Ellen Wang – Finance Team

Ellen is a sophomore from Saint Louis, Missouri studying Computer Science and Economics. She enjoys playing the violin, piano, and guitar. During her free time she likes baking, watching Korean dramas, and blogging.

maria yang

Maria Yang – Finance Team

Maria is a sophomore from Rockville, MD, studying Electrical Engineering. At Stanford, she's a section leader for the introductory CS sequence and an active member of Chi Omega. She was a national figure skater for thirteen years and continues to participate in the sport by coaching both Special Olympics and Learn to Skate classes off campus in addition to volunteering and judging at skating competitions.

alexa haushalter

Alexa Haushalter – People Team

Alexa is originally from Ohio, and is a junior majoring in Mathematical and Computational Science. At Stanford, she is also involved in the Stanford Flying Club and Chi Omega, and worked as a Research Assistant at CERAS. In her free time she loves traveling, skiing, snowboarding, and shopping!

po tsui

Po Tsui – People Team

Po is a sophomore from Bakersfield, CA, currently considering studying Computer Science or Symbolic Systems. She enjoys hot tea, British television, berries, yoga, fiction writing, and naps.

lauren mentzer

Lauren Mentzer – People Team

Lauren is a sophomore from Folsom, CA studying Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in signal processing, communications, and controls. She enjoys playing the piano, playing soccer, and drinking coffee.

jackie yau

Jackie Yau – Events Team

Jackie is a rising sophomore from San Diego, California interested in studying Computer Science. Her hobbies are playing video games, hiking, and reading.

sandhini agarwal

Sandhini Agarwal – Events Team

Sandhini Agarwal is a sophomore majoring in Symbolic Systems with a possible minor in History. Deeply interested in social entrepreneurship and education, she can't wait to see the day when educational equity is a reality. When not busy procrastinating on work, she enjoys going to historic places (and reading about them), going for dance shows and spending hours in the bookstore.

aileen wang

Aileen Wang – Events Team

Aileen is a sophomore from Orange County, CA planning to major in Computer Science. In her free time, she loves eating coffee ice cream, listening to indie/alternative music, peer counseling at the Bridge, and binging on book series.

sharon platt

Sharon Platt – Outreach Team Lead

Sharon is a sophomore (class of 2019) hailing from all over the world. As a military kid, she's lived in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Alaska, Utah, California, Massachusetts, and even overseas. She is super undeclared but enjoys coding, chemistry, and public policy. When she's not working on school, she loves to run, play ultimate frisbee, binge parks and rec, and eat TONS of indian food.

caroline ho

Caroline Ho – Outreach Team

Caroline is a sophomore (and Code Camp 2013 alum) from San Carlos, CA planning to major in Symbolic Systems. She loves participating in hackathons, discovering new literature/music, making terrible puns, and having late-night conversations with friends.

marissa maas

Marissa Maas – Outreach Team

Marissa is a senior at Stanford and has been involved with Girls Teaching Girls to Code since freshman year. She is a biology major and is interested in the applications of computer science in other STEM fields. She is excited about the intersection of technology and science in fields such as enzyme kinetics modeling and genetic sequencing. In her free time, she participates in equestrian competitions, explores the many hiking trails of Silicon Valley, and travels the Bay Area in pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee.

catherine xu

Catherine Xu – Outreach Team

Catherine is a junior from San Jose, CA, double majoring in Computer Science and Music. As a student, pianist, and night owl, she enjoys listening to classical music, hiking, and rapping (poorly) to pop music.

2015-2016 High School Liaisons

joanne ma

Joanne Ma

Joanne is a senior at Evergreen Valley High School mesmerized by the applications of big data and design. In addition to CS, some of her favorite things include meeting new people, off-trail hikes, photography, doodling with brush pens, the smell of dawn, and Krafting cheesy puns.

anika bagga

Anika Bagga

Anika is a sophomore at Cupertino High School and is an officer in her school's women in tech club. She enjoys participating in robotics, drawing, listening to music, and learning new things.

charleen wang

Charleen Wang

Charleen is a senior at Mountain View High School and aspires to major in computer science in college. She is the Vice President of the CS Club and Public Relations for the Girls Who Code Club at her school. When she's not coding, she enjoys club diving, drawing, Key Club, eating watermelon, and breakdancing.

harshita gupta

Harshita Gupta

Harshita is a senior at Mission San Jose High School, planning to double major in CS & Psychology. She's a proud self taught programmer, and currently divides her time between iOS development, robotics, and teaching Java. When she isn't writing or teaching code, you can find her in her school newspaper's workroom or organizing mental health education events. She loves meeting and learning from new people, so feel free to shoot her a Facebook message about anything :)

anjini karthik

Anjini Karthik

Anjini is a senior at Saint Francis High School interested in the diverse applications of CS, like bioinformatics, and the intersection of computer science and the humanities. She is very involved in scientific research and especially enjoys mentoring younger students. In her free time, Anjini loves to read, dance, and dabble in food photography.

maggie chang

Maggie Chang

Maggie Chang is a junior from Burlingame High School who wants to major in computer science because of her love for technology which sprouted from math and problem solving. Outside of computer science, Maggie enjoys playing flute in her school’s marching band, participating in competitive piano, and braiding new hairdos.

mira baliga

Mira Baliga

Mira is a senior at Monta Vista High School, planning to major in computer science. She's a proud vegetarian who loves to bake and is obsessed with corgis. In her free time she is a Block Leader for her neighborhood, serves on the board of an anti-litter nonprofit, and volunteers with the ACLU.

2016 Mentors

Talk to us about...

Abi See
Aileen Wang
Amanda Chow
Amit Schechter
Amy Liu
Angela Chen
Angelica Previte
Anusha Balakrishnan
Arathi Mani
Caroline Ho
Catherine Mullings
Cheenar Banerjee
Christina Hung
Na He Jeon
Devangi Vivrekar
Ellen Blaine
Ellen Wang
Flora Wang
Jackie Yau
Janet Hu
Jenny Jin
Jessica Ouyang
Jessica Yang
Joan Chen
Joyce Kang
Julia Truitt
Kaavya Muralidhar
Katherine Eisenbrand
Katie Schneider
Lauren Mentzer
Lisa Fu
Maggie Davis
Malina Jiang
Marika Buchholz
Maya Balakrishnan
Meera Srinivasan
Michelle Li
Minh-an Quinn
Connie Xiao
Nadin El-Yabroudi
Namita Nabar
Nicole Crawford
Nitya Mani
Po Tsui
Qian Li
Sami Koire
Sandhini Agarwal
Sarah Sterman
Shirin Salehi
Shubha Raghvendra
Sonja Johnson-Yu
Stephanie Palocz
Tara Balakrishnan
Thao Nguyen
Vaiva Snapkauskaite
Vivian Hsu
Winnie Lin
Cynthia Lee (Our Advisor!)

2015 Mentors

Talk to us about...

Ana-Maria Istrate
Angela Sy
Anna Thomas
Annie Hu
Catherine Borsting
Catherine Mullings
Chakia Hall-Watley
Cindy Lin
Cindy Wang
Cindy Yu
Connie Li
Crystal Escolero
Cynthia Yin
Devangi Vivrekar
Devon Burger
Emily Ling
Heather Hall
Heidi Peterson
Ines Gerard-Ursin
Jessica Chow
Jessica Su
Julia Wagenfehr
Karen Lu
Kathleen Kelso
Kim Kukurba
Leilani Reyes
Lisa Wang
Lydia Tsiverioti
Madeleine Rowell
Madison Willcox
Maggie Engler
Megan Potoski
Michelle Lam
Minh-An Quinn
Na He Jeon
Nehan Chatoor
Olivia Hummer
Rachel Lim
Rachel Ridao
Serena Wong
Stephanie Tsai
Tiffany Kuo
Winnie Lin
Yifei Huang

2014 Mentors

Lea Coligado
Karen Gomez
Joanne Jang
Emma Daugherty
Jessica Su
Emeline Wu
Catherine Wong
Allison Martin
Kiki Hui
Vilde Opsal
SunMi Lee
Monica Agrawal
Allison Yuen
Helen Xiong
Ling-ling Zhang
Priyanka Sekhar
Winnie Lin
Aashna Shroff
Danli Liang
Alexa Haushalter
Whitney LaRow
Rebecca Wang
Vanessa Friedemann
Marissa Maas
Rio LaVigne
Kylie Jue
Megan Potoski
Susan Tu
Kelsey Piper
Catherine Mullings
Niloufar Salehi
Negar Rahmati
Maddy Sides
Stephany Yong
Catherine Lu
crystal lemire Crystal Lemire
kelly wang Kelly Wang
zoe robert Zoe Robert
christina hung Christina Hung

2013 Mentors

joy kim Joy Kim
nayantara jain Nayantara Jain
alison kohl Alison Kohl
kristen pownell Kristen Pownell
lea coligado Lea Coligado
hannah abalos Hannah Abalos
sheta chatterjee Sheta Chatterjee
pavitra rengarajan Pavitra Rengarajan
tiffany Chen Tiffany Chen
tonya yu Tonya Yu
ishita prasad Ishita Prasad
amy nguyen Amy Nguyen
jenny hong Jenny Hong
julia lee Julia Lee
joanne lynn Joanne Lynn

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Be an Inspiration

As a mentor, you will help girls gain confidence, exercise their minds, and discover their passion for Computer Science & Engineering.

Teach What You Know and Love

Computer Science can be applied in so many different ways, and we love showcasing the diversity of our mentors' interests.

Build Your Network

Mentors have many networking opportunities to mingle with their peers and with representatives from our sponsorship companies.

We Are Looking for...

  • Motivated, passionate, inspirational young women
  • Current student pursuing a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. at Stanford University
  • Programming experience (CS106A/B/X)
  • A love of teaching!

Mentors Are Expected to...

  • Attend 2-4 mentor training meetings
  • Participate in Code Camp
    • Arrive promptly and stay the entire length of the event day
    • Design/teach an engaging workshop
    • Guide and advise students
  • Volunteer for our smaller events throughout the year (optional)

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